“Where the Happy feet go…”

Dr. Joseph M. LaCava DPM, podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon of Hot Springs, Arkansas is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Heel 2 Toe the retail,orthopedic,and diabetic shoe store located within our podiatry clinic at 3339 Central Ave. Suite F& H in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Our store came to be because we struggled with referring patients who asked a simple question, “What shoes do you recommend and where can I get them?” The big chain retail stores offered no assistance with proper fitting or selection, some of the local specialty shoe stores seemed to improperly fit people, often up selling products just to pad the bill with products that were substandard or improper for the person. So many times, people would come back in and be frustrated or in worse pain due to improperly fitted shoes and I found myself frustrated with apologizing for the mistakes of others. I also noted that many of my diabetic patients were getting improperly fitted and or poor quality diabetic inserts and shoes that did not up hold the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe and Inserts requirements. The largest complaint was “this ugly shoe is what they told me I had to have and it hurts my feet so I do not wear them! 

“Nobody wants to wear “ugly shoes that hurt.”

Mission Statement

Thus, the idea of Heel 2 Toe was born, with a single mission to offer a single location where all people can go to get properly fitted and have a choice of types of footwear that they can wear to help a foot aliment or prevent chronic foot problems or if diabetic avoid amputations while being proud to wear attractive, high quality and functional shoes.

Diabetic Patients

For our diabetic patients, we have expanded our selection to over 75 different styles of superior quality Medicare Therapeutic approved shoes that are attractive,from companies like Dr. Comfort, Anodyne, Orthofeet, Biofoot, Apex, Drew, Ped-Lite, New Balance and many more. We have the ability to provide custom molded orthotics with toe or partial foot fillers to improve the balance and gait of those diabetic that have already suffered from diabetic complications that have led to amputation. 

Athletes Children/High School/College or Weekend Warriors

We are very excited about our ability to provide custom molded orthotics for non- diabetic patients as well as sport specific orthotics designed for all athletes from marathoners to golfers of all ages to help avoid sports related injuries and the medical staff with Dr. Joseph M. LaCava DPM, podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon to handle any injury of the foot and ankle. We do not use antiquated plaster casts or inaccurate foam boxes, or ridiculous Ipad video programs but a state of the art dynamic gait study and foot mapping program that captures your individual foot function while you are walking in order to  fabricate a custom orthotic for any foot type affordably, accurately, quickly and of superior quality.  This method dramatically increases patient satisfaction and comfort after a short break in period for which we provide detailed instructions designed to increase your comfort and increase the wear ability of the devices. We can even bill your insurance if you have coverage. 

Retail Shoes

We carry  a large selection of retail shoes that are attractive and also functional that are brace and orthotic friendly. We have many styles in stock from Brooks, Saucony, Easy Spirit, Clarks, Spenco sandals and Revere sandals (that are attractive and orthotic friendly). Some styles do require special order. 

Specialty Foot Products

We carry a large variety of  OTC professional grade orthotics for all ages, medical strength lotions (Urea Based)  for hard cracked skin, Pumice stones that are diabetic friendly,shoe care products such as Anti-microbial sprays, Stain removers and Leather conditioners. We also carry medical grade washes for smelly feet, athlete’s foot, and sweaty feet including gel socks, athletic socks, compression socks and diabetic socks. Not to forget over twenty different type of pads from bunion guards to Achilles tendon guards and more.